Big Picture

In order to ensure the long term reliability of your website we have been working hard on your behalf for the past four months to create a brand new server infrastructure with the redundancy and scalability that will serve you far into the future. There may be some elements that are temporarily inconvenient and frustrating for you over the next few days of migration. I am really sorry for those things in advance, but this upgrade is absolutely necessary and good for your website long term.
Since migrating our domain name to the new servers, a few of you have alerted us that your site is not loading. We're very sorry. This is because your domain's DNS settings have been incorrect for quite some time, and our domain migration just exposed the problem.
Server DNS Settings
To get your website back online at the new server, make sure you have the following two records:


Report Issues

We are working on fixing some small bugs on the new platform, but if you find other issues, please email us to make sure we're aware of it. Be assured that we'll get it fixed as soon as humanly possible.

Thank You

Thank you for your business and for letting us serve you for so many years. Thank you for your continued patience as we work extra hard to complete this server migration on your behalf.